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The Reading Gap: Journey to Answers

Paperback – November 10, 2017

A must-read for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in education, The Reading Gap: Journey to Answers is written by a former teacher who couldn't read turned literacy advocate.  This book interweaves the author's personal story with bringing to the forefront the current state of research, teacher training, and instruction. It also addresses the uncomfortable truth about the scope of illiteracy and sub-literacy in the U.S., as well as the far reaching consequences . Highlighted, too, is the desperate need for effective teacher preparation, rather than rampant blame.The Reading Gap: Journey to Answers introduces solutions, such as Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI), and provides an inspirational and achievable vision for the future.

The Teacher Who Couldn't Read: One Man's Triumph Over Illiteracy

Paperback – September 2, 2008

John Corcoran's memoir, The Teacher Who Couldn't Read is being offered in a new trade paperback format to coincide with the release of his new book Bridge to Literacy. The Teacher Who Couldn't Read is John's life story of how he struggled through school without the basic skills of how to read or write and went on to become a high school teacher still without these basic skills. John then went on to conquer his inability to read and to become a leading advocate for literacy.

The Bridge to Literacy: No Child--or Adult--Left Behind

Hardcover – October 7, 2008

Most educators in the nation are trying to figure out how to close the achievement gap and to stop the loss of thirty percent of our high school students. John Corcoran's Bridge To Literacy is the roadmap. Not only does it expose the problem as literacy but the book also brilliantly outlines the solutions. This is a must read for every educator and parent so that there will be NO more excuses.

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