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Emmy® Award-winning Director Nick Nanton and DNA Films® and The John Corcoran Foundation, Inc.™ are teaming up to create a new documentary that will help change the conversation about illiteracy and YOU CAN HELP.
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John Corcoran walked into a public library one day in 1986 and asked to speak to the head of the literacy program. 


He had fiercely hidden a secret for decades, but now at the age of 48, he was ready to take his first step from deceit to truth. He was a college graduate, former high school teacher and the founder of a multi-million dollar real estate company. He was a loving husband and father who seemed to have everything going for him. But he also had a secret: He did not know how to read.


After opening up about his shame-based secret at 48 years old, John learned to read, and he then dedicated his life to helping resolve America’s illiteracy and sub-literacy epidemic through his founding of the John Corcoran Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3).


John’s story is indicative of the ineffective instruction in primary schools which stems from antiquated, ineffective methodologies still being used in teacher colleges. Only 35% of 4th graders are proficient in reading nationally, but the John Corcoran Foundation, Inc. believes that 95-100% of all students can become proficient in reading, writing, and spelling and that the brain can be changed with proper instruction.

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A new documentary feature film from Emmy® Award-winning Director Nick Nanton and DNA Films® in partnership with the John Corcoran Foundation, Inc.™ aims to change the conversation around literacy through highlighting illiteracy, sub-literacy, and learning disabilities, including dyslexia.


Through the inspiring stories of John Corcoran and others, along with interviews with educators, psychologists and experts in the Science of Reading, this documentary will reveal the causes of why 65% of American 4th graders are not proficient in reading, how to break this cycle of failure, and the urgency to rectify this national educational emergency. 


This film will also provide a roadmap for educators to show that there is a better way to instruct students on how to read, one that the overwhelming majority of teachers currently are not taught in college or in district professional development. 


Production will begin in early 2021, and this documentary film will further help remove the stigma on those who are illiterate or sub-literate and will show viewers that there is a methodology based on science that can successfully teach almost anyone to read, write, and spell, thus opening a world of opportunities filled with unlimited possibilities. 

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If you’d like to help open doors to new opportunities to children and adults alike, we’d sincerely appreciate your donation, which will help increase awareness and ultimately lead to a higher level of literacy throughout the nation.


Donations are income tax charitable deductions.

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