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Looking to the Science of Reading for the Answers & Solutions

A new documentary feature film from The John Corcoran Foundation, Inc.™, in partnership with Emmy® Award-winning Director Nick Nanton and DNA Films®, aims to change the conversation around literacy through highlighting illiteracy, sub-literacy, and learning disabilities, including dyslexia.


Through the inspiring stories of John Corcoran and others, along with interviews with educators, psychologists and experts in the Science of Reading, this documentary will reveal the causes of why 65% of American 4th graders are not proficient in reading, how to break this cycle of failure, and the urgency to rectify this national educational emergency. This film will also provide a roadmap for educators to show that there is a better way to instruct students on how to read, one that the overwhelming majority of teachers currently are not taught in college or in district professional development. 

The John Corcoran Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) will fund the documentary through the help of benefactors.  These benefactors will each donate $25,000.00.  This is a donation and not an investment. Donations are income tax charitable deductions. As a thank you for the commitment of funding, each benefactor will be named an Executive Producer on the film and shall receive:


  • A press release will be written and syndicated by us naming you as an Executive Producer of the film

  • Naming credit in the film as Executive Producer

  • A Sizzle Reel of Your Involvement in the Project

  • Naming credit on the Movie Poster 

  •  A 24 X 36 Full-Size, Limited Edition Copy of the Movie Poster suitable for Framing

  •  25 copies of the movie for you to share

  •  A Production Certificate Certifying Your Role as an Executive Producer on the Film

  •  If the movie is nominated and wins you have the option to purchase a personalized Telly award

  •  An IMDB listing that shows you as an Executive Producer

  • An invitation to attend the movie premiere of the film

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Become A Part Of The Solution

John Corcoran hid his inability to read until he was 48 years old. Even more astonishing though, is that prior to getting help, he was a college graduate, former high school teacher and the founder of a multi-million dollar real estate company. Not wanting others to live lives of shame and deceit he dedicated his life to helping resolve America’s illiteracy and sub-literacy epidemic through his founding of the John Corcoran Foundation, Inc. 


John’s story is indicative of the ineffective instruction in primary schools which stems from antiquated, ineffective methodologies still being used in teacher colleges. Only 35% of 4th graders are proficient in reading nationally, but the John Corcoran Foundation, Inc. believes that 95-100% of all students can become proficient in reading, writing, and spelling and that the brain can be changed with proper instruction. However, in order to create change we have to improve awareness! We need people to understand that illiteracy in America is still an issue that deserves our dedication and time. There is a better way to instruct young students on how to read, and the further and faster we can spread the word the more change we can breathe into existence!


No child, or adult, should have to struggle with illiteracy in 2021! We can help.

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Thank you for your interest in helping us promote awareness of illiteracy in our country and for helping to be part of the solution as well. Should you have any questions prior to committing to become a benefactor of the Lack of Literacy In America documentary, please reach out to:

Read full details here: Producer Perks

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