Welcome to our website! We believe that every individual deserves to maximize his or her fullest potential. There is no equal opportunity for success in school or the workplace without literacy skills. Reading makes us smarter and enhances our self-confidence.



Our mission is to end illiteracy by providing effective, ONE-ON-ONE literacy instruction to any person who wants to learn to read. Newly acquired literacy skills enable people to be better parents, better students, better workers and better citizens.



JCF, through its strong network of tutors, staff, volunteers, donors & partners, is here to promote and build a literate society. We aspire to turn our passion to eliminate illiteracy into action so that our communities will be stronger & self-sustaining because they are literate.

The Problem

43 million adults in America are reading at an elementary level or  below. 1  in 2 students will not graduate from high school. Basic literacy skills  are the gateway to critical thinking, educational success and an  abundant life. We must impart these skills to every child and adult and  as a result we will see our nation transform.

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Second Nature Reading has developed a highly-effective, replicable and scalable model. We’ve achieved significant success using Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction both online and at our learning center. Our students make an average of 3 grade level gains in decoding skills after only 20 hours of instruction.

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Illiteracy is a common thread in our educational, social and economic ills. The good news is that we can teach people to read with proper instruction. It is never too late to learn to read. Don’t give up! Join our cause and spread hope to those lacking basic skills in reading and writing. Spread hope!

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