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Welcome to our website! We believe that every individual deserves to maximize his or her fullest potential. There is no equal opportunity for success in school or the workplace without literacy skills. Reading makes us smarter and enhances our self-confidence.


Is to facilitate the prevention and eradication of illiteracy in adults and children across America, through public awareness, creation and dissemination of resources, training and mentoring through existing literacy organizations and educational programs.


43 million adults in America are reading at an elementary level or  below. 1  in 2 students will not graduate from high school. Basic literacy skills  are the gateway to critical thinking, educational success and an  abundant life. We must impart these skills to every child and adult and  as a result we will see our nation transform.


Second Nature Reading has developed a highly-effective, replicable and scalable model. We’ve achieved significant success using Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction both online and at our learning center. Our students make an average of 3 grade level gains in decoding skills after only 20 hours of instruction.


Is to help create a society in which each individual has the basic skills necessary to become successful in all aspects of life including family, education, work and community service.


Illiteracy, as well as sub-literacy are common threads in our educational, social and economic ills. The good news is that we can teach people to read with proper instruction. It is never too late to learn to read. Don’t give up! Join our cause and spread hope to those lacking basic skills in reading and writing. Spread hope!


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Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction



“Cassie always loves coming to the learning center. The program doesn’t seem to overwhelm her. I just love that she’s smiling more and always happy after her time with you. And her teacher says she has a whole new attitude in the classroom. Thank you so much for your help and care!”

Maria - Mother of 7th Grader / Chula Vista, CA


Founder, John Corcoran

It wouldn't be possible if our President, CEO, and Founder, John Corcoran, never learned to read. He didn't learn to read until the age of 48. As painful as it was, he kept it a secret even while getting his college degree and going on to teach high school for 17 years. Only his wife, Kathy knew the truth, but they never discussed it. His painful childhood and adult experience of being illiterate has driven him to prevent others from suffering the same enslavement. After learning to read himself, he finally came out with his story on various show appearances including the Oprah Winfrey Show, 60 Minutes and 20/20. He started the foundation in 1997 to make a way for anyone to learn to read. He has also written and published two books, "The Teacher Who Couldn't Read", "A Bridge to Literacy" and is releasing his third book in the Spring of 2017.

John Corcoran has served on numerous advisory commissions and corporate boards, including the executive board of the Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles. He currently serves on the board of the San Diego Council on Literacy. He was appointed to the board of the National Institute for Literacy by Presidents Bush and Clinton and continues advocating on Capitol Hill.

John Corcoran is a passionate and respected speaker who has spoken across the

United States, Canada, and Europe to students, professional and volunteer teachers, civic groups and organizations, as well as to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. In addition to the shows mentioned above, he has also appeared on Larry King Live, CNN, Fox News, the Joan Rivers Show, To Tell The Truth and The Travis Smiley  Show and has done over 200 radio and television interviews.

John Corcoran's Timeline



National Coalition Literacy

Leadership Award

Received at the United States Senate

For general information, to request speaking engagements or to sign up for our reading program, please use the form below:

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2082 Rue De La Montagne • Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone: 760-445-0229



We are a non-profit organization committed to eradicating illiteracy. All donations we receive directly support this work.

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