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National Literacy Movement

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Emmy® Award-winning Director Nick Nanton and DNA Films® and The John Corcoran Foundation, Inc.™ are teaming up to create a new documentary that will help change the conversation about literacy and YOU CAN HELP.
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We're raising money to fund the making of a documentary in 2021 with the goal of raising awareness of lack of literacy in the US and action steps to solutions.

Here are some outcomes resulting from our current literacy situation:

  1. 65% of American 4th graders are not proficient in reading on the NAEP (National Assessment of Education Proficiency) 
  2.  43 million adults in the US (12%) do not have basic literacy skills

  3. 85% of juvenile offenders have trouble reading

This documentary, The Truth About Reading, will highlight illiteracy, sub-literacy, and learning disabilities, including dyslexia, as well as how children, teachers, schools, and society as a whole are impacted by this issue. It will explore answering the question: What do we do about this?

To watch the full 47 minute conversation, click here.

Through the inspiring stories of John Corcoran and others, along with interviews with educators, psychologists and experts, this documentary will reveal the causes of sub-literacy, how to break this cycle of failure, and the urgency to rectify this national educational emergency. 

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"Knowledge is power, and the primary way an individual can obtain knowledge is through reading. We live in a world where all of the world's knowledge can be accessed from your couch in seconds, but if one lacks the ability to read and understand it, what good does it do?


I am honored to donate to JCF for this documentary to raise awareness of the ongoing systematic failures in literacy instruction. With a new baby on the way, change cannot come soon enough!"

Scott and Colleen Schweickert

Executive Producer Donor


Read full details here: Producer Perks

Donations will be used to create and promote the film and are income tax charitable deductions.

Interested in donating bitcoin or crypto? Contact us here

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