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We're Ramping Up

Updated: May 15

We'd first like to start out by giving our partners and friends in the literacy world a heartfelt thank you for your support and efforts in teaching the world to read. The Reading League, Emily Hanford, Jose Cruz, Brett Tingley, Donna Trinca Schultz Hejtmanek and countless other organizations and individuals have been a huge inspiration to us in not only creating "The Truth About Reading", but having the confidence to launch The Million Viewer Campaign and make sure that everyone has the opportunity to view the documentary. So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!

To that end, in our goal to reach one million viewers we have ramped up our efforts and are putting our all into this campaign. Recently, we have expanded the Foundation's team and brought on some really great, and highly skilled individuals, that we believe will have a massive impact. You can also expect to hear from us and see us on social media more as we increase our marketing campaigns to reach that million viewer milestone.

With that said, we ask you all to chip in, and help us spread the word of "The Truth About Reading" to everyone you know. This is a call for all hands on deck.

We will be launching a new Million Viewer Campaign online program where you can join our grassroots team of literacy champions! Participants will champion "The Truth About Reading" documentary, shedding light on the illiteracy crisis, engaging with local leaders and leveraging personal networks to spark conversations and drive impact. Together, we'll share The Truth About Reading with the world! Upon completion of all 10 weeks, you'll receive a certificate redeemable for a The Truth About Reading t-shirt and two redemption codes for free digital access to the film.

Lastly, we will leave you with this poem, John has written about his experience being a literacy advocate for over 35 years!

by John Corcoran
April 2024 (Revised)

Reading words is quite a gain,
And I am not here to complain,
But I am obligated to explain,
Some of our pain, without casting blame. 
All of us have something to gain.

Childhood memories ring in our ears
And images of failures are ever clear
Oh, how we still fear
That abandonment is near.
Why do we still fear? Because of what we hear.

Perhaps those that can read
Just cannot concede
That some still have an unmet need,
Causing this great nation to bleed.
Don't leave us now, please.

America’s reading crisis stays invisible.
Children struggle with each syllable.
We have a solution, the problem is fixable.

It’s time to put all the cards on the table;
With proper instruction, we are reading able.

The year 2000 was our goal,
But we are not too late or too old.
To reach a new goal, we must be bold.

If you agree, back your words with this deed.
Roll up your sleeves and teach us all to read.

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